Sipura SPA-2100

Phone Adapter with Router

The Sipura 2100 can connect up to 2 phone lines through your high speed cable or DSL Internet connection and includes a networking router. Its perfect for all your phone and networking needs. Just plug it into your broadband modem and use the two standard telephone jacks to connect your existing phones, wired or cordless. The router lets you connect a home or office PC and use your Internet connection for your computers and phones at the same time.

Easy Setup
Just plug in the power supply, plug in your phone, and connect it to your broadband line. Pick up the phone, hear your dial tone and make calls. Its that simple.
A quick sample setup

Take it with you
The Sipura 2100 is small and portable. Just disconnect the device and take it anywhere in the world. Simply plug it into any broadband Internet connection, connect a phone and make and receive calls as if you were in your primary location. Perfect for temporary or permanent moves.

  • Supports two VoIP lines
  • Includes a router functionality
  • Connects up to three computers


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